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Wednesday, Nov 3, 2010
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Guy Stephenson
Gilbert Dyke
Merri Peck
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:05 and began with our open discussion of “All Kinds of Snow and Ice in Wilmington. Karen, Doug Wolfe and Guy Stephenson all brought historic pictures relating to snow and ice, including photos of various winter activities, early snow removal equipment, ice jams on the Ausable River and Whiteface Mountain in winter. Karen passed around our newly acquired copy of Caperton Tissot’s book, Adirondack Ice. Guy also shared a book about the Ice Storm of ’98 which generated some interesting discussion.

Immediately following the discussion Karen called for the secretary’s report for September. Our October meeting was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and the scheduled open discussion, “Disasters in Wilmington” will be moved to next year. Guy offered a motion to accept the September minutes as read and it was seconded by Merri Peck. The motion passed unanimously.

Karen then asked for the Treasurer’s report. Bob Cressey reported that our bank balance is $5,820.46. During the period since our last meeting we had expenses totaling $243.81, including $90.41 for postage, $45.40 for photo printing for our Festival of Colors Display and $108.00 for prepay of one year of cell phone service. Our income for the period totaled $918.53, including $425.00 for memberships, $437.00 from the sale of cutting boards by Sid Ward, $52.64 from sale of Wilmington books and $3.89 from our donation jar. Guy made a motion to accept the report and it was seconded by Doug. All voted in favor. Karen requested that Bob email her a copy of the treasurer’s report each month so that we will have the information saved in more than one location. Karen also mentioned that we received the annual bill for our membership in Museumwise. Bob will write a check to pay it this week. We also talked about whether we should renew our Lojack coverage for our laptop computer and the consensus was that it is not necessary.

Bob also told us about a letter we received from NBT Bank about a new policy they have put in place for use of the night drop in Wilmington. The policy requires signatures from all individuals who are authorized to use the night drop for our account or answer any questions the bank might have regarding a deposit. The policy also states that deposits to the night drop must be in a sealed envelope or the bank cannot be held responsible for the contents. The four officers all signed the form and it has been returned to the bank so we can continue to use the night drop as before.

The Audit Committee will meet at 6:30, January 5th to review the treasurer’s records . Members of the Audit Committee are Merri, Doug and Guy. Bob will prepare the report of planned versus actual expenses for 2010 as well as a proposed 2011 budget for our next meeting. Bob mentioned that he needs a bigger filing cabinet for storage of the WHS records. Merri said he could have the five drawer filing cabinet that she has.

Discussion turned to Communications. We received a mailing from the National Archives about “Go Digital,” a website for ordering national archives documents online. Merri will check this site out. It may prove useful to us for ordering military records of Wilmington veterans. Thank you notes were sent to Ginny Crispell and Sue Ellen Gettens for working our Festival of Colors Booth, and to Sid Ward for donating the proceeds from the sale of cutting boards to the WHS.

Since out last meeting we acquired one new book, Adirondack Ice, which was previously mentioned in the Open Discussion notes. Karen also said that she received a phone call from the town hall about some items they have from the Pal Club. We will need to look at what they have to see if we want to acquire it. As a result of the 911 theme display at the Festival of Colors, we have acquired six 911 stories, three written and three oral. We have received a suggestion that the display from the Festival of Colors be put on our website. Karen will talk to Patrick about this. Merri suggested that it might be a good idea to put all our 911 stories in the same format—either transcribe the oral ones or record the written ones for ease of accessibility. Doug said that he had received a package of historic photos of houses around Wilmington from Laura Viscomi. Karen received a research inquiry from Keith Herkalo about the Partridge family. She forwarded him some information she had already compiled on that family. Karen mentioned that she got an email from Robert Sturges. He had been in Wilmington and he sent positive comments about the display in the Visitor’s Bureau and the map and headstone locator sign at the Haselton Cemetery. Doug and Karen both provided some information in response to a request from a college student. Merri received a question from someone about Marble Mountain and she suggested he call Doug. She also had an inquiry from someone from Washington state who wanted information on the Thayer and Weston families. She is awaiting a follow-up email from him and will respond to him at that time.

Merri reported for the Library, Museum and Historic Sites Committee that we want to remove the handwritten notes and signs from the pictures and replace them with something more permanent.

Karen reported for the Plans and Programs Committee that about 100 people visited our booth at the Festival of Colors on Saturday, September 11. The Jay Community News, which is an online email newsletter, has been a good addition to our publicity. The Olympic Regional Development Authority held a 75th Anniversary Commemoration for Whiteface Highway. WHS had been invited to participate but we were unable due to short notice. However, Doug was able to provide them with some displays and attend the event. He said several dignitaries were on hand and Derek Muirden was filming. There was also a reading of Roosevelt’s speech.

Our X Marks the Spot program was poorly attended. The publicity was late going out. The lesson from this is that we need more advance planning so that publicity can go out early enough with specific information about the program. Karen suggested that we should form a committee to do advance planning throughout the year on programs such as this one. Merri suggested that we should put a sign out on Springfield Road, “Wilmington Historical Society Event Today.”

Karen also reported that we had an article in the Wilmington Town Newsletter that went out recently.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that our total membership for 2010 now stands at 162, which is our second highest yearly total. Our reminders to those who had not renewed were quite successful in bringing the membership total back up. Since September 1st we received 22 renewal or new memberships for 33 people.

We set the date for developing our 2011 membership brochure as December 8. We will meet at Karen’s house at 7 pm. Guy suggested that we put our brochures at other historical societies and other organizations to increase our exposure.

There is a new Whiteface Region tourism booklet out.

The next date for research and archives work is Tuesday, November 16.

Discussion turned to new business. We plan to schedule Caperton Tissot, author of >i>Adirondack Ice: A Cultural and Natural History, as a speaker sometime next summer. Next year’s Festival of Colors is scheduled for September 10, 2011. Karen is working on a post event survey for this year’s festival. The survey asks what we liked, disliked and asked for input on advertising. Karen said she has spent 30-40 hours working on our permanent charter application, compiling lots of statistics and answering questions. Merri said someone from NY State had called regarding our application while Karen was away in September. They have not called back so Karen will try to contact them as soon as she has time. We need to come up with ideas for a student program for 2011. We will discuss this at our planning meeting. Merri suggested that we ask the school for their ideas. Guy made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Bob seconded it. All voted in favor. Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Cressey Secretary Wilmington Historical Society


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