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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Wilmington Community Center

Attendees: Barbara Mulvey, Jessica Mulvey, Karen Peters, Judy Lawrence, Guy Stevenson, Merri Carol Peck, Linda Joss-Dyke, and Gilbert Dyke

Karen began the OPEN DISCUSSION at 6:45. The topic for this evening was “Frank Everest-His Vision & Influence” The discussion was recorded for the archives. Karen started by showing an 1876 map showing Weston as owner of the site where the Whiteface Mountain house was located. Photos showed the original 2 story hotel the 3story hotel built by Everest. Several news stories were shared crediting Everest as the “Father of the Whiteface Highway and a proponent of the development of the town. It was noted that Everest died at “Brookside” currently owned by the Mulvey family.

THE REGULAR MEETING was called to order by Karen Peters at 7:43pm.

The Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the October 2, 2019, meeting were presented. Guy Stevenson moved to accept the report. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report: Karen presented a printed report

WHS Bank Balances as of 10.02.2019
Operating Account $ 5,497.47
Transfer Account $ 128.00
Keegan Memorial (Money Mkt) $ 70,779.31
Zachay Foundation $ 2,010.00
ADK Foundation $ 47,758.07
Checking Account Detail
Opening Balance (10.01.2019) $ 15,272.86 *
Ending Balance (10.31.2019) $ 5,497.47
* NOTE: as per the vote at the Oct.2, 2019 meeting, $10,000 was moved into the Keegan Memorial Fund (Money Market) from the Whiskey Run and Festival Fundraisers

Guy moved to accept the report, Linda seconded. The motion passed. The Audit committee will meet at 5:30pm, prior to the January 6, 2020 meeting. The annual budget will be presented and discussed at the January meeting and voted upon at the February meeting.

Karen read a letter of resignation from treasurer Donna Griffin. Her resignation will be effective November 30, 2019. Linda Joss-Dyke moved to accept the resignation, Merri Carol Peck seconded. Donna’s resignation was accepted with regret and all noted thanks to Donna for her service as treasurer to the Wilmington Historical Society.

Linda Joss-Dyke moved the appoint Susan Albert as treasurer, effective December 1, 2019, to fill the remainder of Donna’s term (approximately 2.5 years). Merri Carol Peck seconded. The motion was approved. (Susan joined the meeting via “Facetime” and accepted the position.)

Pomeroy Foundation Webinar re: NYS Historic Marker Grants will on November 13th and 19th. Susan will participate.

E-mail from AARCH stating that Santa’s Workshop will be nominated for Historical Monument Status and would WHS be willing to act as the sponsor. We will. WHS will donate $50.00, as budgeted, to the Wilmington Town Christmas Celebration at Santa’s Workshop scheduled for November 25, 2019.

Thank you notes were sent to WHS Whiskey Run and Festival Sponsors.

Thom Loreman, Loreman’s Screen Printing,
Boyer’s Septic,
Steve Peters, Adirondack Coast Events,
Danielle La Valley, UP A Creek Restaurant,
Tim Carter, Fleet Feet Sports,
Gail Joseph, Fallen Arch,
Cliff Holzer II, C Holzer General Contracting,
Sylvia Mull, Pepsi Beverage Company,
Chip Grundon, Lake Placid/Whiteface KOA,
Keith Mandernach, Adirondack Spruce Lodge,
Joe Dougherty, Adirondack Chocolates,
Debbie and Jeff McLean, UPS Store, JM Mclean Enterprises,
Billy Whitney, Team Placid Planet,
Aaron Kellett, ORDA Whiteface,
Alex Shoetz, Adirondack Pizza and Pasta,
Kathryn Reiss, High Falls Gorge/ROANKA Attractions,
Kelly Conway, NBT Bank,
Deb, James, and Mary Ellin Carmelitano, North Pole Resorts,
Bridget McKillip and Geoffrey Strack, Gordon W Pratt Agency, Inc
Other thank you notes went to:
Dave Fitz-Gerald, for $100 donation to the building fund.
Roy Holzer, Wilmington Town Supervisor for Essex County Board of Supervisors support of a CAP Grant for programs.

There was a request from ASRC for pictures of the Whiteface summit silo. We had only one, but referred him to ORDA archives and Doug Wolfe for other possible material.
We received an email from Shelly Power seeking photos of the Bliss Farm house.
We received an email from Harold Akey, who will be sharing information and photos of the Baptist Church
We received from Sean McRose, a photo and document about Marjorie Lansing Porter and Wendell Lansing. © 1843
Jim Griebsch has been able to restore and digitize film cuttings found after the 1980 Olympics and will provide them to the WHS.
Clinton County Historical Society has given us three postcards featuring the area.
We have acquired the Civil War record of Ira Storrs, showing that he was injured during the war.


Karen thanked Ginny Crispell for producing the annual report. The annual report has been mailed. The membership total is now 181.

Building Committee: no report
Cemetery Committee: Guy reported that several grave markers were moved and replaced to allow the town crew to cut and remove a large dead, pine tree.
Fundraising: Linda Joss-Dyke held the first meeting of the Whiskey Run planning committee on October 28, 2019. She is planning a long-range calendar to allow the committee to have fewer meetings this year. Connie Prickett will work on publicity. The committee is planning to add a 5K, Run/fun run/walk to the event. Food vendors have been contacted. We have many shirts left over from previous races and they will be available for sale at $5 or $7. She will contact Shelly at Cadence Lodge regarding a possible fundraiser and local stores to sell stickers. Linda will donate gift cards for the annual raffle.
Our annual report for New York State has been completed and filed.
We completed the Lake Placid School program in June.

A $50 donation was made to the Jay Community News.
Patrick reports that the website has been updated.
Grants received to date are:

Humanities NY: $3200.00
Essex County Arts Council: $360.00
Ironman Volunteerism Grants (both races in 2019) at $450 and $400
Ironman Community Grant $500 for direct deposit into Keegan Memorial Building Fund

Meri Carol Peck attended the Essex County Arts Council Luncheon and reported that 12% of tourists come for cultural events and sites. Tourism tax revenue is used for some of the grants we receive. Annual Appeal Envelopes will be stuffed and ready to mail on Monday November 18, 2019.

We will purchase Grant Station subscription from Tech Soup for $77, this is usually $600. 2022 will be Wilmington’s 200 anniversary. We asked the Town Committee to form a committee of the stakeholders to develop a plan for a celebration in 2022. Membership flyers and program lists will be added to the Whiskey Run Swag bags

Linda Joss-Dyke moved to adjourn the meeting. Meri Carol Peck seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:11pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gilbert E. Dyke,
Trustee (in absence of secretary Nancy Cressey)


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