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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Bob Peters
Greg Rickes
Guy Stephenson
George Buck
Michael Hartson
Ann Hartson
Randy Preston
Barbara Rothman
Doug Wolfe
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey
Lori Hansen
Dan Hansen
Michelle Burns
Clark Mitchel

Karen Peters called the meeting to order and introduced special guest Greg Rickes from the Mohawk-Hudson Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club of America. Mr. Rickes narrated a slide show of pictures from the 1964 Whiteface Championship Sports Car Hill Climb. This race was held only once and the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter has generously donated copies of the race photos to the Wilmington Historical Society. Mr. Rickes also presented the WHS with a first place silver bowl trophy from the race that was never awarded due to the fact that there were not as many classes in the race as had been anticipated.

The business meeting commenced at about 8:15. Karen called for the Secretary’s report. Bob Cressey moved to accept the minutes as read and Guy Stephenson seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Bob then presented the treasurer’s report. The bank balance is $4,753.33. We had income of $52 including $50 in memberships and $2 in donations. Our expenses were $643.74 including $43.19 for special projects, $108 for utilities (yearly cell phone bill), $45.06 for office supplies, $49.86 for postage, $47.63 for special events, $300 for honorariums and $50 for our Museumwise membership. Guy made a motion to accept the report as given and Doug Wolfe seconded the motion. It carried unanimously. Our next meeting will be January 2nd. Bob will prepare a proposed budget prior to that meeting and make it available to the board. The annual audit is tentatively scheduled for January 2nd, immediately prior to our meeting. Merri Peck will chair the audit committee and the members will include Doug and either Gil Dyke or Linda Joss-Dyke.

Discussion then turned to communications. Kara Page sent a note to tell us that she would like to see a program about farms in Wilmington. Karen sent thank you notes to Karen Glass for her storytelling program “Adirondack Tales of Folk & Fancy” and to Dick Sherwood for allowing us to copy his Wilmington postcard collection as well as two photographs. Karen also wrote a letter to Roberta White to answer some questions and concerns she had addressed in a letter to the WHS. Margaret Gibbs sent a message about a meeting to be held November 17th. One of the agenda items is a presentation by Keith Herkalo, author of “The Battle of Plattsburgh.” He will discuss the archaeological digs at Pike’s Cantonment. Karen sent a sympathy card to Cheryl Strack for the death of Bea Lawrence. She also sent a get well card to Steve Connor.

Our acquisitions for the month included some postcards to copy and a Whiteface Mountain House Brochure from Rarilee Conway. From the Mohawk-Hudson Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club of America we received the photos of the 1964 Whiteface Championship Sports Car Hill Climb race. We also received a plaque which was given to all participants and the silver bowl first place trophy which was never awarded. Doug reported that Jay O’Hern has been emailing with research questions about the Peck family. He referred the questions to Guy who was able to provide some information. Karen mentioned that we received a 1950s era brochure on the Adirondack Sports Show in Wilmington which contains a picture of Noah John Rondeau. She will send a copy of the brochure to Jay O’Hern.

Karen reported briefly for the Publications and Programs Committee about the publicity that went out for this meeting’s special program. Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that our total membership now stands at 158. During the past month we received four memberships accounting for seven people. We decided that our membership brochure meeting will be held in January, date to be set at our January 2nd meeting.

Guy reported for the Wilmington Cemetery Committee that he heard from Randy Preston that there is $1000 in the town budget each year for the cemeteries. Doug mentioned that he had met a Mr. Larry Chase, who does cemetery stone cleaning.

Work has been proceeding on the Arcadia Book project, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region. Karen said she received a phone call from Gail Prager who will try to get us a photo of Walter Prager for the book.

There is no new information of the status of the Wilmington Stone Bridge. Guy will try to get an update from Randy Preston.

Bob and Nancy reported that Halloween at the Hall was a successful event for the town. Including children and adults about 850 people went through the hall. There are photos of the event on the Little Supermarket Facebook page.

Our next research night was scheduled for November 20th. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday week we changed it to November 27th, 6-9 PM in the Wilmington Community Center. Karen reported that Jay O’Hern had talked to her about a local artist who has done a painting of Noah John Rondeau. He suggested we might try to get a painting to raffle off as a fundraiser for the WHS. We agreed that this could be a good idea for a fundraiser so Karen will look into it further.

We discussed a postal survey which we received as a PO Box customer. The Post Office states that they expect to provide six hours of window service daily and asked for input on what hours would be most convenient. We completed the survey suggesting hours of 10 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 5 PM.

The list of all Wilmington supervisors from 1821 to the present is being added to our website. Karen said that we reached 140 people through Facebook for the “Adirondack Tales of Folk & Fancy” program.

We received notification that Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership Grants will be available through the National Park Service.

Guy made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Bob. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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