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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, November 15, 2006
E. M. Cooper Library


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Steve Connor
Doug Wolfe
Guy Stephenson
Randy Preston
Joe McAvoy
Ellie McAvoy
Peter Yuro

Secretary’s report was read. Guy made a motion to accept. 2nd by Steve. All in favor.

Treasurer’s report was read. We have a balance of $5,335.04 on hand. Paid out was 493.75 for archival supplies. $5 was deposited for a senior membership. Guy made a motion to accept. 2nd by Doug. All in favor.

--- Northeast Document Conservation Center grant deadline is Dec 1st.
--- We rec’d a note, deed of gift, and membership from Ruth Boyer.

Publications and Programs
--- Rec’d a new box of 10 Dr. Robinson books to sell.
--- Karen attended a workshop gaining new information of updating forms, grant info, etc. Dennis Meadows, Dave Lowry, Anne Marie Przbyla, Jeff Hull were there and provided good information
--- Karen and I will get together to update our policy info from the new information Karen learned at the workshop
--- Kara Page will meet with Karen and Doug to update the map.
--- Possible future speakers: Natalie Laduc, skiing; Railroads; Civil War.

Membership Committee
--- Need to meet in Nov or Dec to create the new brochure. We should include our mission statement on the new membership cards. ORDA will once again give a free trip up Whiteface Memorial Hwy to new members.

Special Committee Reports
--- The AuSable Sustainable Communities group rec’d a grant for a feasibility study of dredging the river.
--- We rec’d 4 large, easy to read maps of water tables and tributaries, historical locations, etc. from the Waterfront Revitalization Committee.

Old Business
--- Website – Patrick McIntyre needs more photos with descriptions to update the website. Merri will provide some.

New Business
---No word yet on the peer review pilot site program.

---Re: a building. We should review the new building in Long Lake. Grants are available for completing buildings that are already owned by the town.

---Karen and Doug will meet to plan topics of open discussions and programs.

Tonight’s open discussion on skiing includes some items of interest provided by Jack and Joan Dreisigacker and Natalie Laduc. This part of the meeting is being digitally recorded.

A few items of interest during the discussion were:
--- Skiing had much to do with the history of Whiteface Memorial Hwy and the 10th Mountain Division. 1942 Life magazine shows Walter Prager on the cover of the magazine. Walter was a ski coach and went on to the 10th Mt. Div.
--- Skiing and snowshoeing was the mode of transportation.
--- Jack D. laid out the upper trails and provided a map of those trails.
--- The 1932 Olympics and the Memorial Hwy. brought skiing to this area.
--- Oct 1947 the Ski Center was prepared to open for the 1st time.
--- Whiteface memorial Hwy was 1st built as an 8 mile beginner slope.
--- H.Smith Johannsen used to ski from Lake Placid Club to the top of Marcy.
--- May 1951 the original Marble Mt.Lodge burned.
--- 1957/58 the ski center went thru a lot of construction.
--- May 1960, Paleface Ski Center and Dude Ranch was developed. Paleface provided a lot of entertainment for a small place. It was a ski center in the winter and a dude ranch in the winter (summer?); it had a bar; indoor swimming pool, restaurant, and night skiing.
--- Quaker Mt. had a rope tow. Mr. Fox owned the house where Kevin Willis now lives. He had a small restaurant and downstairs bar.
--- Check out www.chairlifts.com

Steve made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
2nd by Merri. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Merri C Peck (in the absence of our secretary, Nancy Cressey)


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