• Ski Boot

    Ski Boots used at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center ca. 1950s

    Brown leather square-toed ski boots, 10 ½” long, 3 ¾” wide at the widest point, with yellow laces (49” long). Donated by Stephen Lester.

  • Hand Bell

    Haselton School handbell ca1800s Wilmington, NY

    Hand school bell, 4” diameter metal bell with clapper and 4” wooden handle. From the Haselton School on Haselton Road in Wilmington, Helen & Earl Warren Collection.

  • Vintage Bumper

    Vintage Bumper Tag- “Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway, NY” wording, rectangular in shape with Whiteface Mountain design extending upward showing the toll road with corner holes meant for metal tie use to attach to the car bumper. Black background with Orange and white lettering and the mountain in green. 16” long x 4” high, mountain peak is 6” high.

  • Steward Name

    Lake Placid Olympic Winter Games Steward Name tag, yellow with black lettering, logo in upper left corner, downhill skier logo in upper right, with the word “Steward” in the center and the name “Augie Augenthaller” near the bottom, 4” square.

  • Poncho

    Whiteface Mountain Ski Center poncho, white canvas with red lettering “Whiteface” on both sides. 45” long x 28” wide, used on the open ski lift for protection against the cold and weather. Fabric has additional reinforcement material at the shoulder and neckline, v-neck in the front and round neck in the back.

  • White Ribbon

    Triangular White Ribbon with blue lettering “N.Y. State Outdoor Speedskating Championships, Wilmington, NY February 5-6, 1955”. Ribbon 1 ½” length, 1 ¼” width, Gold colored medal with Whiteface Mountain in the background, a diamond insignia with letters WF MT, and Santa, North Pole and reindeer 1 ½” diameter. Words on the medal “Wilmington Amateur Speed Skating Association” around the outside and the words, “North Pole” and “Wilmington, NY” above and below the figures. Back of Medal says, “220 yard intermediate First”. Donated by Olympic Champion Speed Skater, Jeanne Ashworth.

  • Fair Sign

    37 ½” long, 5” wide , black material, with gold & orange hand-painted lettering,” Owaissa Club, Wilmington, NY, Aug. 20th Country Fair”, on back handwritten, Aug. 20, 1937, (Richard Lawrence Collection)